Management Agreements

As per the Residential Tenancies Act (1975) we are required to have a contract between yourselves as the client/landlord and us, working for you.

Please find below form requesting your information, in order for us to add to your agreement and then forward to you for your perusal and signature(s). We will then forward you a standard REINT Management Agreement as a PDF for your perusal and through DocuSign for ease of signing on your phone or computer. If there is more than one owner on the title of the property we will require individual email addresses please.

Should you have any queries don’t hesitate to contact us and we can go through the process.

Management Agreement Client Information

    Submission Review

    Please review the form details carefully before submitting

    Start Date

    Main Contact Persons Details

    Landlord/Owners Names (on current title of property)

    Secondary Address

    If applicable, Please fill out the details below

    Name(s) on title*

    Note: Contact 1 will be considered the primary contact

    Extra Contacts

    If more contacts are required, Please check the box below

    Bank Account Details For Payment of Rental Funds

    Creditor/Outgoings Regular Payments

    Please advise Yes or No if you would like us to organise to make these payments on your behalf from rent funds held;

    We will contact PAWA or your Body Corporate etc and cc you in to this. If you don’t see an email please send us a gentle follow up reminder.

    Council Rates
    Water/Sewerage Rates
    Body Corporate Levy

    House Insurance

    You will be required to provide a copy of your latest house insurance policy to Habitat Real Estate asap please. Please also note you will need to contact your insurance company directly in order for them to update contact details to have forwarded to us on your behalf. Please advise your property manager in writing that you are wanting to authorise this also for our records.

    Landlord Protection Insurance

    We strongly recommend landlord insurance. If you require this please select yes and we can forward your details for a company to make contact with you to explain the process etc. We are not insurance providers and cannot provide professional advice regarding this, but happy to assist where we can.

    Alternative Contact Details

    Please provide an emergency contact person that we can reach if you are uncontactable (ie travelling). Please do not put someone living with you or who may be travelling with you also!

    Power Of Attorney

    If applicable, Please check the box below

    Extra Information


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