Preparing Your Darwin Rental Property for Lease

About to become a landlord? Congratulations, that’s exciting! But it can also be scary – especially when you don’t know where to start with your rental property.

As with anything, good preparation is the key to success. And we want your experience with real estate property management to be extremely successful. That is why at Habitat, we love to educate and help owners, and we want your property rental experience to be extremely successful!

Whether you’ve purchased an investment property and plan to lease it immediately, or have been living in the property and wish to rent it out, how you present your property will set the benchmark for your future tenants.

So set that bar high right from the word go. We’re here to help you get an excellent return, and ensure you have happy tenants. Here are our top tips on getting your Darwin property ready for lease!

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6 Tips to Prepare Your Property for Lease:

Tip 1: Make Your Rental Property Sparkle!

There’s nothing better than walking into a squeaky-clean home. A clean rental property can:

  1. Tell potential tenants a lot about the care and effort that has gone into the property
  2. Inspire them to maintain the dwelling to the same high standard!

A great way to achieve this is to engage professional cleaners. We are happy to provide you with details of efficient, reliable cleaners who can assist.

This will get your property to a level where we can maximise your rental return (of course, we can also easily organise this on your behalf)!

Tip 2: Get the Garden Thriving!

Ensure the garden is looking immaculate before your tenants move in!

It’s important when tenants arrive that they see the garden at its best – so they know how it should be maintained.

Low maintenance gardens are ideal for rental properties. However, Darwin’s tropical climate means some gardens do require more work!

If the garden is particularly labour-intensive, it could be wise to incorporate regular garden maintenance. This will make certain it is kept to the standard you expect.

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Tip 3: Something Broken? Fix It!

If you have been living in the property, you are probably used to living with a few issues or things that don’t work property. You know, a door that jams, mould spots in the bathroom, strange noises coming from the air conditioner, or retic?

When you list your property on the rental market, it becomes a business and an investment. By attending to these small jobs, you are:

  1. Maximising the value of your investment
  2. Attracting the highest quality tenant.

For minor things, you might be able to deal with it yourself. However, for bigger jobs, it’s worth:

  • Getting a handyman, or
  • Arranging servicing of major appliances (air con, retic etc.).

This will ensure the appliances are operating at their optimum (meaning you will save money). It could also be a tax reduction!

Again, at Habitat, we can organise maintenance and repairs for you.

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Tip 4: Show off your Darwin Property with Professional Photos!

As a proud homeowner, you will have your property looking its best with styled and decorated furniture. Because of this, we always recommend our property owners have professional photos taken before they move everything out!

The size and potential of the space can be difficult to imagine – especially when there’s nothing to go by in the photo.

An empty room won’t do your property justice. So, it is important to show potential tenants how the space can be used! For example:

  • A bedroom that fits a queen-size bed,
  • The small room that can be a private study,
  • A nook or landing that works as a chill-out zone with a big, comfy chair.

Draw people in with your photos. Make it as easy as possible for them to picture themselves in the space. Just remember to declutter before the photographer arrives!

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Tip 5: Protect Your Investment

With COVID-19, we are all now well-aware that things can change in an instant. Although we do thorough checks on tenants through the application process, life happens.

Changes can occur unexpectedly which could adversely affect you as a landlord. Because of this, we highly recommend you make sure you are covered by insurance.

After all, your investment property is a valuable asset. You want to protect it!

At Habitat, we can chat to you about Landlord Insurance – and the protection this offers you!

Tip 6: Redirect Your Mail

It can be pretty frustrating for a tenant to continually be receiving mail that is not from them.

For a small fee, you can have your mail redirected to your current address! This will:

  1. Give you time to contact businesses to let them know you have moved,
  2. Keep your mail secure,
  3. Keep you tenant happy!

Trust Habitat To Help!

Preparing to welcome your first tenants should be an exciting time.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the process or aren’t sure how to go about it, feel free to contact Habitat Real Estate – Property management with a difference!

We are here to help you every step of the way, and navigate the unique, NT rental market with you.

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